Cannabis Flower

Our Strains

We pride ourselves in having one of the largest genetics libraries in the state. Due to our small batch production we can only have a few strains at any given time. Stay tuned to keep up with what is currently and soon to be available.

Mandarin Margarita

This is a sativa hybrid with a strong citrus smell giving way to a creamy frosting like aroma. When consumed it is very sweet and tangy.


Lemon Cane

This is a sativa strain with an initially earthy smell giving way to a sweet lemon/lime and citrus aroma. Extremely sticky and crystal coated.


Jelly Biscotti Pancakes

An extremely fragrant cross between Biscotti Pancakes x Jealousy this strain has a sweet/creamy vanilla aroma with a hint of umami notes on the finish.



Indica leaning hybrid strain with a sweet and savory smell. When consumed it provides a tingling sensation similar to a mint or menthol flavor.


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